100% customer satisfaction is what we strive for and achieve daily at Matson Construction. We do not accept any project as complete until our customer is completely satisfied with the work performed. Our building team has serviced high end clientele in all of the most prestigious areas of our great city and we are certain that we can make a happy customer out of you no matter what your next project is, big or small. Although our core work is custom carpentry and millwork installations, we offer a wide range of services in all trades of construction. We work exclusively with licensed professionals to ensure that every project meets and exceeds building codes and quality specifications.

At Matson Construction, we accredit our success to many factors that are evident in all of our work. Every project completed is an exhibit of our core values as a company, which are as follows:

  • Customer Service:To treat our customers with honesty, respect and patience, and to be understanding of those who do not have a background in or knowledge of our industry, while striving to educate these buyers in the way their home works or how other parts and features of a building will interact and function with the product we are installing. We achieve a high majority of our sales through customer referrals and and return business, showing clearly our dedication to customer service.
  • Give Customers what they pay for: To provide onsite supervision of all projects on a daily basis and to not allow substandard work to be performed or substandard materials to be used under any circumstances.
  • Competitive pricing: Matson Construction uses its vast network of subcontractors, vendors, and other industry contacts to ensure that every bid given is competitive with current fair market pricing. The key to our success is to outperform our competitors in quality of work and customer service for a competitive price.
  • Provide consulting to unsure buyers and customers: To minimize customer frustration by helping to choose materials, fixtures, styles and accents that will work for their project. This will reduce time delays by minimizing repeat trips to supply houses and vendors and ultimately ensures that the customer knows what they are getting and why. This also helps to minimize change orders, punch out at the end of the job, and increase customer satisfaction overall.
  • Leave a clean workplace everyday: To leave the jobsite broom swept everyday and to protect the finished surfaces and areas of the workplace even if they are not a part of the work we are doing. We strive to make sales through referrals and we never know when our next customer will walk onto our current jobsite, so leaving a clean and impressive workplace is a top priority everyday.
  • Satisfaction guarantee and warranty: To not accept any project as complete until our customer is completely satisfied and to serve a warranty that gives customers the peace of mind that their project will not only be of high end quality when the job is done, but for the duration of the home or building.
  • Honesty and Integrity: We wish to improve the quality of the construction industry for those in it and to renew the proud image of being a contractor or construction worker through setting positive examples in the workplace and not tolerating any form of impropriety within our organization or those associated with us.